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Koji Matsumoto: International Superstar in the Making

Koji Matsumoto’s music can be described in one word: catchy. Even just hearing a Koji Matsumoto song once can leave you with his vocals and melodies stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Thanks to his jubilant personality and music Koji has been winning over the hearts of listeners for years. Koji enjoys writing and recording songs and often performs them at open mics around the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Koji is more than just a musician. Born in Osaka, Japan Koji first moved to the United States when he was seventeen. After years of being one of the best sushi chefs in Seattle, Washington Koji made his way to Cleveland, Ohio. Koji enjoyed his work as a chef, but his true passions have always been writing music and performing. Matsumoto still works as a chef and translator occasionally on the side, but his goal is to become a full time producer and songwriter.

In the past Koji has written and performed songs for Dav Pilkey, author of the international phenomenon Captain Underpants. The happy and energetic nature of Matsumoto’s music and Pilkey’s books made them a natural combo. Since that time Koji has taken voice lessons and grown both as a musician and producer. Now he writes original songs for his website KojiTunes where he features music videos and other materials.

Matsumoto also works with rising musicians in the Cleveland area. His newest single “Who I Am” featuring Keiko, a local singer, will be available on all streaming platforms before the end of the month.

In addition to working on his own music Koji’s producing, mixing, and mastering talents are also available for hire. Matsumoto is experienced with both recording and production and can provide musicians with professional quality recordings at a low cost. Make sure to check out his website and feel free to contact him with any questions!

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