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Transit Station: Changing Music

Big news for Detroit music as four friends found electronic record label Transit Station. The label founded by Matthew Brodley, Julian Abel, Anthony Botez, and Jon Robideau has multiple studios throughout Michigan and Detroit and has high hopes for the future. Transit Station is something Matthew has been dreaming of for years. Back in college Brodley was always sharing the latest news and mixes from the electronic scene. He is the first person that really got me into electronic music by constantly playing his favorite artists and inviting me to shows in Detroit. Music is something Brodley really cares about so it is great to see these dreams of his starting to take shape. A lot of hard work and help from friends have solidified his passions into something real: Transit Station.

The mission of Transit Station is simple: be different. Transit Station feels that something has been lost in the music industry. These days a lot of musicians try to sound like a specific genre or pop artist. This can cause songs to lack authenticity and inspiration. To combat this Transit Station artists are encouraged to be true to themselves and make the music that they want to make. In other words; no genre limitations, no above the bar expectations, just make some music you want to groove to. For some artists the music they create can vary from day to day depending on how they feel or what inspires them. Transit Station understands and encourages its artists to be original. Without expectations or pressure of release dates Transit Station hopes to uncover raw musical gold with its artists. Associated acts include J Louis, Jay, Mayck (May-sick), Tony, Jon Dough, Kong, Jack Donevan, and Blake Trimske. All of the artists mentioned are different in their own right, but according to Brodley they still blend together well as a label. While trying to avoid being tied down by a definitive genre classification, Matthew and Julian described the sound of the label to be minimal house, micro house, and electronic.

So far it’s worked out to be an effective and supportive system for Transit Station artists. A single is already on the way and is expected to be released soon! Spread the word about Transit Station and remember to keep supporting live music. Be sure to check out their social media and follow so you will not miss any updates.

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