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So Much Time has Pabst

Today is a day many Northwest Ohio music fans have been waiting for. American Spirits' new video for So Much Time Has Pabst just hit the inter webs and let me tell you; the wait was worth it. It has been barely over a year since American Spirits' first show and in that time span they have gained a lot of momentum. They have played all across the Midwest, released the EP Nowhere Near Perfect, and a music video for their single C'est la Vie. Now American Spirits are pleased to present the second of five videos - So Much Time Has Pabst.

This song is for the times when you feel stressed out. So stressed out that you drink an entire gallon of milk in one sitting even though you are lactose intolerant. Which usually just gives you more's a vicious cycle. Long story short sometimes as this video shows that's what life is - one giant ball of stress. But if you watch and listen past the drum break, you will see the other side of things. The side that says all of the stress in life is worth it in the end. Those moments of grief and anxiety are washed away when you are doing something you love. Whether it be hanging with friends or playing a show, those moments of bliss make all of the bad bearable. After all, the good parts in life would not shine as bright without the dismal.

According to guitar player Dillon Vanzandt So Much Time Has Pabst wasn't supposed to be one song. The band spontaneously combined two jams into one song during a rehearsal and the idea stuck. The two parts of the song separated by a drum break end up helping to juxtapose the highs and lows of life.

Fans of American Spirits might notice the continuation of themes set in C'est la Vie. For example members of American Spirits are seen interacting with female counterpart characters across the videos. In C'est la Vie Dillon spits gum on the sidewalk for Katya to step in and in So Much Time Has Pabst Conor and Bails engage with Danielle and Nicole respectively. The song and EP are a conversation and they all will be linked through a narrative once the promised five music videos are finished. In this video small "easter eggs" and symbols are spread throughout to emphasize opposites and contradictions. Fans may recognize art throughout the video from the Summit Shack and American Spirit shows. A Nintendo 64 is played along side a PS4 - a flash of nostalgia and play off the new and old. Work related environments of an office and paint studio against a house show. The contradictory lyrics themselves "Never seen you so mad never seen you so happy never seen you so stressed" Trey emphatically cries. So many feelings and emotions jumbled at once. It's all a whirlwind and sometimes all one can do is scream "I'm so stressed out" while putting back some beers.

The So Much Time Has Pabst music video is awesome and I am continuously impressed with what this band puts out. Once again the video was made by Loon Base Studios. Loon Base involves Chance Duffy, Matt Rao, and Taylor Wilkes. All friends of the band, they are happy to be involved with another American Spirits project. So Much Time Has Pabst stars Danielle Stevens, Nicole Sworden, and of course Spirit boys Bails and Conor. The featured art was done by Taylor Wilkes.

Don't forget to follow American Spirits on Spotify/Social media. Their Plug Profile has links to everything and I know the band is playing a ton around the Midwest this summer so go out and catch a show!

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