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Moms Love Discount Nostalgia

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to sit down with Discount Nostalgia and talk about their upcoming record Songs for Dogs. The band recorded the album in Nashville, Tennessee this past January and the long wait for the release is almost over. This Friday March 23, Discount is playing their album release show at Howard's Club H in downtown Bowling Green. The show is free so there is no excuse to miss these fantastic musicians.

Album art by: @vrieth_art

Luckily for me my wait was a little shorter. I got a press copy of the album last week and it has me itching for summer. If I had to describe Songs for Dogs with one word it would be "fun". I cannot wait for sunny summer days driving with windows down bumping one of the many catchy songs on the album. Discount Nostalgia sounds like Discount Nostalgia - something that the band was striving for in the studio. There is a great warmth and realness to the album and you can tell that it was recorded analog.

Songs for Dogs starts out strong featuring songs from each of the band's three writers/singers. Pageantry, Mom & Pop Pizza Shop, and Girl From Nova Scotia feature A.J. Graber, Tom Cadaret, and Eric Lamorelle taking turns on vocals. The songs work really well together and I think the album has great flow. Spanish Hotel Elevator, another single worthy song from the album, has an awesome music video that was just released the other day. Check out the link below.

Overall I think the vocals and track mixes are amazing. This is a quality album from cover to cover and I have already listened to the whole thing at least a dozen times this week. The organ adds a lot to the sound and there are tons of new little percussion parts that long time Discount Nostalgia fans will appreciate. As I said earlier this album is a lot of fun to listen to. I can feel the energy of my meme-loving friends A.J., Tom, Eric, and Mike coming through the speakers. It is almost like I am in the same room watching a performance and makes for a genuine listening experience. My favorite tracks in no particular order are Kid Brother, Girl From Nova Scotia, Spanish Hotel Elevator, and Mom & Pop Pizza Shop.

I highly recommend you check out the twelve track LP Songs for Dogs this Friday March 23 as it is released on hard copy and just about every streaming service. This record is sure to have moms everywhere going crazy for Discount Nostalgia. Don't miss their free release show this Friday night at Howard's Club H featuring American Spirits and Mindless Matters.

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