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The Biscuit Merchant: More Than Just Gluten

Tomorrow The Biscuit Merchant is releasing his sophomore album Nature Rejoices everywhere! I was lucky enough to snag a copy before the release and I've had all week to listen and write my first album review in a while. The Biscuit Merchant is a solo progressive metal project formed by Justin Lawnchair, who does all instruments/vocals, recording, mixing, and mastering by himself. Justin is a great musician who has been playing guitar for a long time. He is also a classically trained trumpet player which is how we met in music school. Check out his plug profile for more information as well as access to his music.



The album overall was a positive listening experience for me. There was a lot of dynamic contrast and the song writing was thought out and interesting. Definitely something that fans of bands like Muse and Metallica would like. Warning; there is a ton of tasty guitar all throughout the album so be ready. It is something that stands out, the solos and guitar runs for fills are great.

The album starts off pretty tame with the melodic bass and guitar intro of Starborn, but not for long. A wave of metal sounds soon follows as The Biscuit Merchant shows you his wares. The second song Blame Society is one of my favorites. It is the first time you get to really hear Justin's voice which sounds a lot like Dee Snyder. The vocals sound good and there is a healthy ratio of screaming to singing. God is in the Mountain is one of the more catchy songs on the album. I really like the big sound of the chorus. The song leads into Incubus, which I think is a contender for best song on the album. The bass and guitar intro and the drop when the full band comes in is sick. This song is a good example of the diversity of tempos and feels that The Biscuit Merchant can bake into a single song's layers. The end of the song features some crazy shredding that continues on into the next song, ending with an Eddie Van Halen like flurry of notes. The album sounds awesome and it is an impressive feat to accomplish single handed. The album ends in a fitting fashion. The intro riff reappears at the end of the song Nature Rejoices, which ties things together very nicely.

End result? The biscuits taste good, so share with your friends. The Biscuit Merchant's new album Nature Rejoices will be available for purchase and streaming everywhere tomorrow! Don't forget to check out his plug profile and follow on social media!

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