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The Only's: Sometimes One Person is Enough

Mark Poseler remembers being fascinated with live music at an early age after going to a concert. He took particular interest in the drummer because it looked like so much fun. So much fun that Poseler would start playing drums in 5th grade band. Eventually Mark started jamming with other local musicians and after high school formed the band Bancroft. It was with Bancroft that Poseler got his first real experience playing in a band. After a year or two Mark began to play secondary instruments. Mark liked playing drums but “I felt like in my head I was writing songs, but I didn’t have an outlet or way to express them”. This drove Mark to learn guitar to facilitate his song writing. His first song that he wrote for Bancroft only inspired him to write more. Bancroft did some touring, even playing SXSW Festival in Austin Texas during their five year run.


After Bancroft, Poseler played in several groups but never really felt a solid connection or place for his music. In the meantime he had been writing songs that weren’t really attached to a group. Mark recorded some of his songs but he didn’t know a whole lot about mixing and mastering. That’s when Mark’s DIY juices got flowing. “I went to “YouTube University”” Mark joked “I started watching YouTube tutorials and spent about six months learning all the ropes of production”. Once Mark was able to polish his recordings to a finished product he had the idea for The Only’s.


The Only’s is geared toward DIY and Mark’s goal was to make a one man band. He played all the instruments and did all of the recording for the project. It’s really cool to see how Poseler was able to manipulate the internet to his will. Mark built a studio, learned the basics of recording, and has been able to market his music to a wide audience by himself from the comfort of his own home. Marks music has a variety of different sounds-he never wanted to box himself in with a particular genre. Poseler likes the freedom his choice has given him but admits it can be hard to market. “When you want to give people a good idea of what you sound like it gets kinda hard…you could say “Oh, this song sounds like this band” but then the other songs sound completely different”. After listening to his music myself I would compare The Only’s to bands like Muse, Glass Animals, and early Twenty One Pilots. I think The Only’s music is great and you can download some songs for free at . His first album is 17 tracks long and was recorded and released in 2016.

The Only’s have also released an EP and have plans for a 2018 recording project as well. Mark explained to me that he did all the playing, recording, mixing, and marketing for these projects, only outsourcing mastering and cover art for the album. He even turned me on to a cool new website which is essentially a way to DIY outsource projects that you don’t have the time or training for yourself. It is really cool and could be a valuable tool for any DIY musician or business. Mark plays a lot of open mics as a solo acoustic artist in the Toledo/Bowling Green area, sometimes two in a single day. He is a hard working and determined individual and I really enjoyed my interview with him. He had a lot of knowledge about DIY music and you should listen to his band The Only’s.

Up Close Concert Series at Music Go Round in Toledo will be featuring Mark April 4th 2018 from 6:30-7:30pm

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