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American Spirits - DIY Kings

American Spirits have quickly become one of the premier Bowling Green bands since their debut at the Summit Shack in April 2017. In that span of time they have played shows all over the state. One thing that really stands out about the band is their willingness to help others achieve their goals in music. They are true professionals of the realm of networking making the Spirit boys a great bunch to talk to or hang out with after a show. Most importantly, their music hits hard and sticks in your head so you won’t want to miss their upcoming EP Nowhere Near Perfect. In celebration of the EP American Spirits are throwing a release show at the Summit Shack February 23rd.

American Spirits should have met years earlier, or at least that’s what the band says. Dillon Vanzandt (guitar) and Bails Mccance (bass) were childhood friends. However it was years before the two met Trey Miles (vocals) and Conor Alan (drums)through mutual friends in Bowling Green, Ohio. The group hit it off and eventually convinced Conor to clean out his garage so that they could use it for rehearsals. “I found out he played drums and just bugged him for months “Dillon recalls jokingly. The band quickly got to work on making original material and before long American Spirits was ready for their first show and decided there was no better place for it than their home court. The Spirits worked hard to soundproof the walls, acquire a killer sound set-up, and make their garage a venue - thus the Summit Shack was born. I remember them telling me about their plans last year while they filmed Indian Opinion’s music video (yet another one of their talents). They were so excited and it’s great to see their dream unfold-out of their very own garage. Ever since its birth the Summit Shack has been great for local music and the community. Living proof that all it takes is hard work and determination the DIY kings are an integral part of the BG scene.

Now American Spirits are riding the heels of their new music video C’est La Vie as they prepare to release their debut EP Nowhere Near Perfect this February. The video looks amazing - the Spirits worked with close friends at Loonbase Studios along with local friends filming it in Bowling Green. As for their EP, it was recorded at the Master Bedroom in the Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo, Ohio. Steve Warstler, drummer of Secret Space, worked as the sound engineer and producer for the project. This was a dream come true for the band mates who are big fans of Secret Space. To be able to sit down with a musician they admire and work out the recording of their EP was truly a privilege. The recordings are high-fi, thought out, and put together in a whole new way under the direction of Steve. The Spirits couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had recording and how much they learned during the process. Working with Steve was described as a privilege and an honor.

I think what American Spirits are doing is really cool. They are releasing an EP and just about the entire process was done by themselves, locally or through close/mutual friends. It is truly amazing what can be done when you work together with other like minded people. The American Spirits are paving the way for DIY musicians in the state with their hands-on and determined approach.

Keep an eye out for a new single dropping this week and do not forget about the release show February 23rd at the Summit Shack. The American Spirits are going to bring the house down!

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Photo by Bekah Martin

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