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New Announcements for 2018!

Hello everyone I hope you have had productive musical years so far! I have lots of ambitions for MusiPlug and I am psyched to share with you. First off I want to let you all know I have made some changes to the site. I've added new photographs to the main screen and about sections take by my buddy Dillon Vanzandt. In addition there are a couple of new playlists and I've added songs to some of the old ones. Along with adding these cosmetic changes I would like to start writing about local talent and happenings in the scene of Bowling Green and Toledo. I know bands like Discount Nostalgia and American Spirits have released records that I am excited to hear. There is a lot worth writing about and I'm trying to get to it all. I also have thoughts and goals to add some video content to spice things up. Something like interviews or live streams of jam sessions. I recently started a project called Shorthand and I have goals to release some singles and an EP by the end of 2018.

If there are any artists, events, or venues around Ohio that you think deserve recognition let me know in the comments section or via email!

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