Photo by Abbey Recker

MusiPlug founder Connor Mancini is a 2017 graduate of Bowling Green State University.  While at BGSU Connor studied trumpet under professor Charles Saenz and received his Bachelor of Musical Arts with a minor in Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law.  Connor played lead trumpet in the university's top jazz ensemble for three years and developed a passion for performance and the music industry. 


Currently based in Cleveland, Mancini performs across the Midwest as Moon Cactus and is also available for hire as a freelance trumpeter. Mancini has worked with artists like Mat Kerekes, Mark Dylan, Birds in the Boneyard, Boo Lee Crosser, and producer Jim Wirt. Check out Moon Cactus's Spotify bio to see a full discography and upcoming shows.


Alex Stanilla is an active member of the DIY music community, performing and attending shows regularly. A member of Try Less Records, Stanilla's latest album Qualia is available for stream on all services! In addition to playing original music, Alex writes reviews for MUSIPLUG and hosts the podcast Until I Have A GirlfriendHis sense of humor and musical intellect are apparent in his music and writing style, making every release of Alex's something to look forward to.  Stanilla first studied writing in high school then, at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where his passion for writing blossomed into a passion for music. After moving to Seattle, Washington Alex began writing for North West Music Scene.

Currently based in Lebanon, PA, Stanilla regularly plays shows all over the Midwest and East Coast. He loves cats, walruses, and a good basement house show.


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